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WordPress as CMS

August 29th, 2005

WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. I am exploring using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) for our church web site. A number of churches are moving in this direction:

The Village Church and WordPress
Higgins Lake Baptist Church
Lakeshore Community Church [update: not using WordPress]

There is a theme/plugin combo called Semiologic that significanly changes how WordPress works. It is being used for the site of Cal Christian Fellowship, the IVFC group at Cal.

So why would anyone want to use a CMS instead of just creating ordinary html? And what is a CMS anyway?

Read this article about what it means to have a “data driven” web site.

I think that for our church web site the key consideration is to make it as easy as possible to update and maintain the content of the site. With a WordPress based CMS, we could assign different pages/sections of the site to different ministry leaders who then could update the pages as needed. If you can write in a blog, then you can update pages on the web site. We have to make it possible to update information in the site without needing to know html or how to use ftp.

Here is an article on using WordPress as a CMS

I will add to this post as I learn more about this topic…

Updated: 9/1/05

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