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WordPress as a CMS needs user groups

October 19th, 2006

I have been doing additional work on our church web site, and have been frustrated by the lack of support for user groups. For the members section of the site I would like to have a dedicated section for various co-worker groups and have their posts automatically show up in the right section.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

The purpose of this is to create a private space for various ministry teams and leaders to have their own discussion. Ideally, when they enter the site they would see a series of titles of the latest posts in the group(s) to which they belong.

WordPress does work pretty well as a CMS, as long as you give editing privileges to a small number of trusted people. But since they can post anywhere, you don’t really want too many people working on it. Inevitably posts will show up in the wrong category, and pages will not be in the correct section. WordPress does not lend itself very well to managing people as groups. Existing plugins do not really meet this need. Two of the best are:

It is possible to make use of roles and capabilities to create pseudo-user groups, but WordPress still lacks support for true user groups. For our public church web site this might be alright, since there are only a few people who really need to be authorized to make changes, but for the more collaborative environment that I would like to have in the members section I may need to consider another CMS package. Either that or hack together my own plugin based on the excellent work already done by others. When I have some spare time. Right.

Update: Here is a list of plugins that restrict posting/viewing in a number of ways.

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