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Introducing TechSpeak

December 20th, 2005

Welcome to my new technology blog! There are already millions of technology sites, but this site has a much more narrow focus. It is dedicated to thoughts about technology and Christian ministry. Right now I will post mainly about WordPress, since I am using WordPress for my personal blogs as well as for the update of my church web site.

As I learn new things working on my web sites I will post them here. I have copies a few technology posts from my other blog. Hopefully the lessons that I learn will be of help to others. I am especially interested in helping other pastors and churches develop or enhance web based ministries.

Right now the theme for this blog is very spartan. I wanted a different look from my other blog,
. In time I will be able to make improvements to this theme and showcase some of my CMS techniques for WordPress.

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2 Responses to “Introducing TechSpeak”

  1. Wayne Dillard says:

    My wife and I are missionaries to South Asia, currently living in Singapore with a focus on North India, where my wife spends a lot of her time. We also operate a web-based ministry called

    I am putting together a new feature the help mobilize prayer for missionaries, pastors, etc. I am building it in WordPress, and I need some help. I have a php programmer who helps me with the techno stuff, but he is not familiar with WordPress and is facing a bit of a learning curve.

    I have one site up using WordPress at but this new feature, is more of a cms than a blog. Right now I need some advice on how to set up the data-structure. Would it be possible to get on the phone with you for a few minutes to get your input on what I’m thinking?

    We are 12 hours earlier than the east coast USA. Could you give me a time and number where I could call you? If you can point me in the right direction, then I think my programmer and I can put it together.

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for stopping by. I would be glad to share what I have learned, although I am still in a learning curve myself. I will contact you be email.